Morgan Janitorial Enterprise LLC – A Trusted Brand
Founded in 2013 with a combining experience of 20+ years, we pride ourselves in setting the standard for providing exceptional quality commercial cleaning throughout Connecticut. We focus on making sure our customer’s needs are met with affordable pricing and the best-detailed cleaning by eliminating germs, cobwebs, and grime to ensure a cleaner, fresher and healthier environment. Whether you’re unhappy with your current cleaning company or have been searching to no avail, look no further than MJE to keep your business in tip-top shape. Our trained professionals are friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile.

You can count on us to get the job done right.


Morgan Janitorial Enterprise pledges to be customer centric in providing the most healthy and clean environment possible. This will be achieved through our team of highly skilled professionals using the industry’s finest cleaning methods and best practices. We will stay on the leading edge of cleaning technologies so that we can deliver on this undertaking.


We believe that teamwork, which is achieved through the cooperation and use of the skills of individual team members, results in the attainment of the finest service.


We believe that maintaining the highest safety standards is critical to delivering quality service.

Quality Assurance

We believe in striving to be recognized by our stakeholders as a service provider which consistently meets and exceeds their quality performance expectations.

Innovation & Creativity

We believe that as a cleaning company serving a large geographic area, we have the responsibility for providing a team of highly skilled and innovative professionals using the industry’s finest cleaning methods, technologies and best practices.

Dedication / Compassion

We believe that those who serve in our organization, reflect a tradition of courtesy, empathy and respect for their families, team members and others.